Material Use Agreement

This Agreement is a public offer that sets forth the terms of use for materials and services provided by the SMM OCEAN website.


1.1. The website informs users about the activities of SMM OCEAN AGENCY.
1.2. It contains materials owned by SMM OCEAN AGENCY.
1.3. By accessing the site's materials, users are agreeing to this Agreement.


2.1. Users must not engage in activities that violate international law, or intellectual property rights, or disrupt the site's operations.
2.2. Materials on the site cannot be used without the owner's permission.
2.3. When quoting the site's materials, a reference to the site is mandatory.
2.4. The site's administration is not responsible for the use of external resources linked to the site.
2.5. The administration is not liable for any losses related to the content, copyright registration, or services obtained through external sites.


3.1. If any provision of this Agreement is found invalid by a court, the remaining provisions remain effective.
3.2. The site administration's failure to enforce any part of this Agreement does not waive its rights.
3.3. The administration may unilaterally change the Agreement terms at any time.
3.4. By using the site, users confirm they accept this Agreement and the site's Privacy Policy.
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