Preparing the architectural studio account for advertising traffic

About the client

The architectural studio "ARKH&ART" has been renovating apartments, building houses, and designing the interiors of coffee shops for 14 years. All these years, clients have found "ARKH&ART" based on recommendations, so the client has only now reached social networks. We started with Instagram.
Goal & Tasks
The ultimate goal is to sell construction and renovation services.

Constantly generating new content and community development on Instagram is too resource-intensive. Filming ongoing projects requires additional staff and obtaining permission from customers. However, the payback is questionable. Therefore, we decided it would be better to fill in an Instagram account once and drive traffic to it through targeted advertising.

Later new situational content can be added about new projects or if an interesting content idea appears.

The client had little free time, so it was important to fill the account with minimal client involvement.

Content Plan Development
I analyzed more than 200 reviews about the services of architectural studios and interior designers. In reviews, people mention those components of cooperation that are important to them.

I came up with a list of problems, objections, and questions that my client’s customers ask.

✓ What if these are inexperienced beginners who will make many mistakes?
✓ There are a lot of architectural studios, how to choose the right one?
✓ They will make a hackneyed and formulaic interior design, just like I can do it myself.
✓ I'll pay a lot of money and they will do a poor and superficial job.
✓ Is it worth that kind of money?
✓ They will either do something trivial or overly shocking.
✓ Private specialists are cheaper and more engaged than studios.
✓ They will do it superficially and of poor quality.
✓ I want all tasks to be completed comprehensively by one contractor.
✓ How do I find a studio whose style I like?
✓ How to gather strength and begin this big task so that it ends sooner?
The 5 Stages of Decision Maling Process

  1. Recognition of needs and wants.
  2. Information search.
  3. Evaluation of alternatives.
  4. Purchasing.
  5. Post-purchase evaluation.

We paid little attention to the first stage (recognition of needs). The target audience of budget renovations faces a choice: do the repairs themselves or turn to a professional. But the solvent and busy target audience of my client is not doing the repairs themselves for sure.

Therefore, we convey to such an audience not the need for services, but their high quality. That is, we focus on the second and third stages: so that the audience chooses ours from the whole variety of other studios.

Also in the reviews, I found nuances and advantages of working with designers to be mentioned in the content:
  • «We were jealous of ourselves at hardware stores because the purchases were faster».
  • «When we had unexpected questions, they provided thoughtful, detailed, constructive, and straightforward answers».
  • «They take into account our daily habits, hobbies, and regular home activities».
  • «They listen and anticipate potential lifestyle changes in the future».
  • «They already have an established base of proven design solutions».
As a result, a content plan was prepared that took into account the problems and objections of potential clients.

Mood Board Development
The interiors created by the architectural studio are extremely trendy and relevant, but not devoid of warmth and comfort. The projects have a lot of light, air, warm colors, and natural materials. We would like to transfer this to Instagram, expressing it through warm colors for backgrounds, graceful lines, interesting grotesque fonts, and serif fonts.
Color palette
Since the interiors contain mainly natural, calm, natural shades, we would like to build on similar shades in the visual design. Rich, but at the same time restrained and deep.
Typography (font pair)
Here we look towards complex and accent fonts in combination with a clear but relevant main one. An option of elongated, geometric fonts is possible.
Visual references
Large, strong typography. Modern, dynamic, not banal, noble. At the same time, without clutter, maximum emphasis on the essence, without losing focus on the interior.
Tone of Voice
We wrote one post in two types of Tone of Voice: bold and more restrained. The client chose the second one, and all the future posts were written in it.

Stories Highlights Design
We added basic information about the company to the Stories Highlights: services, stages of work, cases, and reviews.
Over the 14 years of work, many reviews have been written, so we took screenshots from review sites, which did not require client involvement.
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