Promotion of the Italian brand of home fragrance Carbaline

About the client:
Carbaline is an Italian home fragrance brand. The range includes diffusers, candles, sprays for ironing clothes and for aromatizing the space. We created an account for the Russian audience from scratch.
Goal and tasks
The purpose of maintaining an account: to increase brand loyalty and receive new and repeat orders. The account should help increase retail orders as well as lead to new wholesale collaborations.

We also faced an intermediate task leading to an increase in sales - to raise the culture of home perfumery in Russia. If in Italy diffusers can be found in almost every home, in Russia they are not so popular and are more of a luxury item than a necessity.
17 000
> 500
customers, including wholesale
> 200
Content creation
At the beginning of the work, we compiled a rubric set for future posts:
  • Special offers and promotions
  • Fragrance Production Tales
  • Colorful aromas descriptions. The main difficulty is that it is impossible to hear the fragrance through the social network. Therefore, we paid special attention to descriptions, trying to come up with whole stories that evoke associations with the fragrance.
  • Closing such objections as: "Another chemistry to breathe", "The aroma will get bored in 2 days", "Too expensive", etc.
  • Interesting facts about fragrances and individual perfumery notes
  • Fragrance recommendations
  • Collections (Top 5 ways to make your home cozier, top 5 summer scents)
  • Customer reviews and photos
  • Giveaways

    We also often used polls and videos in Instagram Stories.
Creation of technical specifications for photo shoots
The client regularly organized photo shoots on his own. To facilitate this task and get good photos, we sent our ideas, tips and references.

An example of a technical task for spring photography
An example of a technical task for winter photography (november 2020)
An example of a technical task (october 2021)
Development of a catalog for wholesale customers
The brand had a catalog in Italian. We translated it into Russian and adapted the design: we selected Cyrillic fonts and left only products available in Russia.
Cooperation with bloggers
We have repeatedly collaborated with well-known Russian influencers and bloggers
Diana Burt
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