Promotion of the HR brand Coca-Cola HBC Russia

Coca-Cola HBC Russia creates drinks for all occasions. The secret to the success of such a large business is talented employees. We promoted the HR brand on Instagram and Facebook in order to attract talented graduates and accomplished professionals from all over Russia.
Before (April 2021)
monthly growth of followers in Instagram
212 647
monthly reach in Instagram
0,41 %
engagement rate in Facebook
After 3 months (July 2021)
monthly growth of followers in Instagram
781 587
monthly reach in Instagram
2,96 %
engagement rate in Facebook
Content strategy
At the beginning of the work, we adjusted the content strategy that the previous agency worked on. Updated rubric set and visual of Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Instagram feed update and guideline creation:
Designer: Victoria Volodina
Distribution of content across key communication tracks:
We also updated creatives for targeted advertising. Campaigns attracted new followers, as well as applicants for current vacancies.
Career marathon
For 2 months, we held a career marathon with company experts and external bloggers, revealing career development topics in posts and live broadcasts:
  • Secrets of employment in Coca-Cola HBC Russia
  • What is a personal brand and how does it help in your career?
  • Common resume mistakes
  • Life hacks for successful negotiations
  • Secrets of a successful online interview
  • How to build your career plan?
  • How to use emotional intelligence to solve problems?
  • How to adapt in a new team?

To promote the career marathon, we used advertising from external expert bloggers, a contest among subscribers, as well as targeted advertising with different promotional creatives:
    As part of the marathon, external experts well-known in Russia gave their recommendations and answered questions from followers
      Rise Management Trainee
      Rise Management Trainee is a leadership development program for talented graduates. We were faced with the task of attracting talented applicants through content and targeted advertising. In the content plan, we have introduced a series of Stories with information about the program, as well as posts-interviews with future managers of candidats who will successfully pass all stages of selection on vacancy.
      Playlists on Spotify
      In addition to the main social networks, we have collected Spotify playlists that broadcast the corporate culture and company atmosphere, creating positive associations with the HR brand.
      To attract applicants for the vacancy of a sales representative, we published the article "5 myths about the work of a sales representative".

      The task of sales representatives is to make sure that the company's products are always present on store shelves, preferably in the most visible place. To do this, you need to build relationships with partners, that is, with the management of stores and other points of sale.

      There are always open vacancies for sales representatives, especially for large employers with a worldwide reputation. That is why many myths have developed around this work. In the article we figure out which of them are false:

      Myth 1. You need to go door to door and sell goods.
      Myth 2. This work is boring and monotonous.
      Myth 3. You need a lot of work experience.
      Myth 4: It's a man's job.
      Myth 5. There is no career growth.
      As one of the directions for the development of the project, we have prepared recommendations for the development of the YouTube channel.
      Collaborations with illustrators
      As one of the directions for the development of the project, we have prepared recommendations for collaborations with illustrators on Instagram.
      To improve the quality of content and grow the account organically, we suggested using Instagram Reels:
      Diana Burt
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