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It would seem that 5 orders via Instagram per day are a good indicator for a small Russian city. However, the owner of the flower workshop did not stop there and wanted to increase revenue with a minimal budget. Spoiler: we made it.
orders per day
orders per day
Project Features
  • The client was not ready to hire a content manager and targeted advertising expert.
  • Flowers are not often bought on impulse. Typically, flowers are purchased for a specific date: a birthday, anniversary, or other special event.

Therefore, we began to work in two directions:

1. Increase the account in search results.
The main task here is to increase the engagement of the audience from Cheboksary.

2. Increase brand awareness.
Goal: to become a Top Of Mind brand among residents of the small town of Cheboksary.
Top of Mind is the first brand that consumers think about when they hear a product category name. When it comes to flowers, a resident of Cheboksary who has an Instagram should think of us first.
Contests and Giveaways
Since the client abandoned targeted ads and content marketing, we focused on giveaways and further personalization.
1. Reduced post frequency from three to one post per day. This did not increase engagement but reduced the unsubscribers rate.

2. Started holding weekly giveaways with gift certificates for $20. To take part in the contest one should write in the comments their favorite place in Cheboksary, their favorite color, or their favorite flowers. Thanks to this, we received useful data for individual mailing. After a giveaway, we sent participants a personalized Direct message offering a 10% discount on flowers of their favorite color.
A personalized approach is more compelling and memorable than a standard "10% discount for all contest participants" ad. Our Direct messages got a great response, with most people replying to us. When they need flowers, they'll remember their discount at our shop. Since giveaway participants were already following us, Instagram allowed the creation of new dialogues.

Contest mechanics changed weekly: sometimes we asked to tag friends, other times to like the last 5 photos, or to comment on the last 3 photos. This increased engagement from our target audience in Cheboksary, not just on contest posts but on all photos.

We also increased the number of contest participants by including those who didn’t want to tag friends but were willing to like or comment.

Giveaways in Stories
For Stories contests, we used gamification. We made a video showing different bouquets changing quickly. The game was to make a screenshot, send it to Direct messages, and receive a gift.

The gift was a discount on the bouquet in the screenshot. We got over 200 Direct messages in one day.
Mass liking and following
We targeted three groups:
  1. Those tagged by contest participants in comments.
  2. Those followed by contest participants, who also live in Cheboksary — and are more likely to follow an account their friend follows.
  3. Followers of the community "Overheard in Cheboksary".
We only followed and liked accounts that:
  • Have fewer than 4000 followers — excluding bloggers who likely won’t notice us.
  • Have fewer than 900 followers — excluding mass followers who follow back but aren’t interested.
  • Use only the Russian language.
  • We added a list of 2000 stop words to avoid following commercial accounts.
Reach, engagement, number of followers, and sales grew, allowing the client to invest in targeted advertising.
Client Review

«Diana is an excellent specialist in setting up targeted advertising. Super manager! The number of our orders has at least doubled, maybe even 2.5 times increased».


Flower workshop owner

Diana Burt
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