Creating content for the men's underwear brand

MUCHACHOMALO is an international lingerie brand with bright and unusual prints from the Netherlands. The brand began entering the Russian market, and the client came to me with a task: to create a creative and catchy Instagram.
To introduce the MUCHACHOMALO brand to the Russian market and create a brand image for purposeful and courageous young people.

The brand already had positioning, differentiation from competitors, and high-quality photographs. The goal was to convey the brand's existing identity through Instagram content and generate audience interest.
Competitive advantages
Prints with meaning. Thematic collections of prints are released every year.

Muchachomalo translates to "bad boy". Bright and bold prints embody the philosophy that there is a bad boy in every man, regardless of age, who wants to break the rules and go beyond boundaries.

The only brand that provides a 2-year warranty on underwear.
Tone of voice
The tone of voice is memorable and bright. We play with current news stories and use ambiguous comparisons. The mood is impudent, provoking a response. We address the audience on a first-name basis. We deliberately joke on the edge to be remembered and add virality to the content.
About quality, teenage fantasies, Heisenberg, boys from the neighborhood and broken hearts
About unbuttoned trousers and a taxi to your house after the first date
About the “problems” of MUCHACHOMALO clients
Situational content

Khabib vs Conor fight
A few days before the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, we posted a thematic video
We also prepared a video for Khabib’s victory in advance. 15 minutes after the end of the battle a post was published:
We received a few negative comments from residents of Dagestan, but quickly processed it, at the same time telling us about the meaning of Muchachomalo prints

World Space Week
Two steel planets and star girls checking the male Galaxy
World Egg Day
Pablo Picasso's birthday
A content pillar based on playing out ambiguous messages and slogans.
Posts for the New Year
Brand history
The purpose of this content pillar is to grow trust and show that the brand is already known in other countries.
We also added a personal brand by talking about Chingiz, the head of Muchachomalo in Russia.
The meaning of prints
To increase engagement and brand awareness, a two-week quest was conducted. We discussed the details and mechanics in a separate article.
Diana Burt
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